The purposes of OpenMarine.Net, at this time, are to provide a central support site for the OpenPlotter project as well as a site to discuss marine electronics automation.  The eventual goal of OpenMarine.Net is to allow you to view parameters of your boat while you are away.  Wouldn't you like to know what your battery voltage is?  How many times has your bilge pump cycled?  Maybe view your boats position on a map or chart?  What if, not only viewing this data, you could get alerts or notifications if any of these items are outside of your specified limits?  That is our goal here.

In the forums, you will find two areas.  

1)  The OpenPlotter forum is provided to give and receive feedback, get support or request a new feature.  Are you particularly proud of your installation, PLEASE share it with the rest of us, on the Brag Board, for inspiration.

2)  The OpenMarine forum is to discuss the future of  What features do you want?  What should the interface look like?  What parameters would you like to be able to view remotely?  Are there any items that you would like to control on your boat? 



OpenMarine is now the official support site for the
OpenPlotter project. Please check out the forums.


OpenMarine is a new project that will allow you to keep watch over and
control some aspects of your boat while you are away.